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I procrastinated on getting our roof…

I procrastinated on getting our roof and windows replaced because I was nervous about choosing the wrong company.I had heard a lot of horror stories, so I read reviews and got estimates from a variety of folks. I finally settled on Ryan and Target Roofing and Construction. I agree with the other reviewers. Ryan really worked with my schedule and offered a more-than-fair price – with no out of pocket on my part. The roof was replaced in no time at all, and now we’re just waiting for the windows and gutters, which had to be ordered. I’ll follow up with a new review to report on how it goes with the windows, but I have every confidence that Ryan and his crew will do an outstanding job on any project.

07-16-11 Update

The windows and gutters are in and they are just beautiful! My husband is about as picky about contracting work as he can be and even he is happy. So much so that we’re inviting Ryan back to help us with other projects we’ve been putting off for far too long. If you’re unsure – give Target a try. You won’t be disappointed.